Pray, Listen to God’s Call and to each other, and Attend Cottage Meeting

“What are the people of St. John’s Lutheran Church going to do that will most benefit the spread of the gospel of God’s love?” and “Trust the Holy Spirit and be smartly creative and completely realistic.”

Pastor Jo Page, our Intentional Interim Pastor, has been sharing these statements with us in sermons and newsletter articles – how do we determine what is next for St. John’s Lutheran Church? There are currently five options to present to the congregation this summer, you are all encouraged to participate in at least one of the cottage meetings to be held at our chapel building, 303 Sand Creek Road in Colonie. We will take time to pray together, present and discuss options, hear each others’ hopes and fears, identify common threads and begin talking about next steps.

There are three meetings planned at different times and days, hoping you can make arrangements to attend at least one meeting.

Thursday, July 21 at 1:30 PM at St. John’s Chapel

Sunday, July 31 at 10:30 AM at St. John’s Chapel (immediately following worship)

Wednesday, August 3 at 6:30 PM at St. John’s Chapel

We encourage all to attend and look forward to engaging conversation, renewed spirit and shared ideas for the future of St. John’s Lutheran Church. “Gracious and holy God, give us diligence to seek you, wisdom to perceive you, and patience to wait for you. Grant that we may use our rich variety of gifts to bear witness to Christ in lives that are built on faith and love. Make us ready to live the gospel and eager to do your will; through Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord. Amen”